Monday, October 26, 2009

WATCH: Living with your ICD -- The "therapy"

In this third clip of the series “Living with your ICD”, the patient asks the doctor what he should expect to feel in the event of a shock to the heart.

The doctor‘s response is a long spiel on how each “therapy” is different (he never calls it a shock), how it depends on your heart’s behavior and on your personal perception.

“This is a common concern among new ICD patients. The fact is, each therapy is different. Depending on how your own heart is behaving and your personal perception. Remember, this is an intelligent device that your doctor can set to deliver the smallest amount of energy you need to regain control of your normal heart rhythm.”

Compare the above with a description from a patient who has actually been shocked. His own words.

“If the devil had a mechanical bull which shot electrical bolts out of its devil bull horns, and this bull ran full tilt down a steep hill and gored you in the chest, then you’d know how this $#!T felt!!! I’m sorry that some of you can identify with this.”

(Read the full post here.)

It would be much nicer to hear them acknowledge that no one can really tell you how it feels to be shocked in the heart unless they actually have an ICD that’s gone off!

Watch this overoptimistic, candy-coated, patronizing answer below.

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