Sunday, October 25, 2009

WATCH: Living with your ICD -- The "Magic Wand"

I recently attended a local ICD support group meeting in which a device manufacturer was invited to participate. They opened their talk with a 30-minute video of a mock support group in which ICD patients were played by a host of actors so bad that even this gig seemed beyond their acting abilities.

According to its description, the video was “taped in the friendly setting of an ICD support group” and included “easy-to-understand answers.

Gee, I am so glad they dumbed it down for us patients.

In this 20 sec clip, a “patient” raises his hand and asks the doctor “what happens during these follow up sessions?" The patient is referring to the follow-up visits when the device gets interrogated.

The doctor then explains it in the most condescending tone possible:

“Well, we use a sort of ‘magic’ wand that we hold over the ICD implant spot. This… ‘wand’ is about the size and shape of a normal remote control device…”

Thank God for magic! Watch.

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