Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Medtronic’s hitting the Twittersphere. Should others follow?

While I applaud Medtronic’s first real foray into the Twittersphere, I must say the experience left me wanting more.

As a patient (and potentially lifetime consumer of their heart devices), it’s great to see that Medtronic is not only listening, but also willing to engage. I followed their tweets broadcasted from this year's HFSA Scientific Meeting in Boston, but got little out of them.

Medtronic appears to have aimed their tweets mainly at conference attendees, not at folks who, like me, couldn’t be at the conference. No doubt the twitpics were a very nice touch. But perhaps, next time we can also get links to press releases, result studies and even, dare I say it, a video or two.

Boston Scientific, St. Jude and other device makers don’t seem to have yet awaken to the power of social media and the impact patients are having in this brave new online world of Web 2.0. But I hope they’ll soon follow Medtronic's example.

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