Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Time for fresh beginnings

Another year is heading for the history books. It was quite a year too, even with all the great things that happened (yes we can!) honestly, I am ready to see it go. And I am ready to shake off the remnants of last year that are holding me back and start fresh with a new year and a new outlook.

I took a trip to the Mendocino coast. I have never seen an ugly day here. It doesn't matter if it is sunny and warm, or foggy and overcast, this area sings to my soul. I spent three days either sitting in a hot tub or by the fire, looking at the ocean or listening to it at night. No phones, no cell phone service and no TV. Just time to think.

I have mentioned before in other posts how our group has grown over this past year. It is amazing and wonderful. I have made some friends that I know I will never want to lose track of. I have learned some things that frankly sort of scare me. But mostly I think I have learned one thing, my heart disease is not going to hold me back. It may slow me down a little. It is not going to make my life any easier, but it isn't really making it harder... just different.

I have plans for this year that include getting back into scuba diving, losing the holiday weight I put on and who knows, maybe even climbing up the stairs without worrying about passing out. But mostly, I want to go six months without seeing a doctor. No offense to my wonderful medical teams, but I just saw way too much of them last year.

I am also hoping to see this group grow. We have three bloggers now from our group and we have made some great connections with local clinics that should see more people at the meetings. Kaiser is working with us to get us a place to meet in the south bay and we are continuing to secure east bay sites.

Our plans are simple, continue to meet on the second Saturday of each month at rotating location around the bay. We will also build on the relationships we have made with Bay Area heart centers and other support and education groups.

While we are a local focused group, we will also always have our extended online family at the That group has members from all over the world and is growing rapidly everyday.

If you have been thinking about joining us for a meeting, this up coming year is the time to do it. Hope to see you soon and Happy New Year to the wired and the un-wired alike.

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