Saturday, October 4, 2008

The wires that bind us

Julia LloydThe September meeting of the Bay Area ICD User Group met at my house and we had several new members. Of course the usual members were there as well and we had a blast. I was a little worried opening my home to people I didn't know, but once everyone showed up, it seemed like we were old friends right away.

I know the experiences we share over our hearts and ICDs make us seem like family, but everyone was also friendly and such great personalities that as usual the evening went by way to fast. Our two hour meeting went to four and I spent another hour or so talking with one of our newest members in the driveway.

His story is fascinating to me. He has had his ICD for 8 years and never talked to another person that had one. He has also been shocked and many of us haven't so he had a lot to share with us. Just from hearing what he has been through, the rest of us learned a lot. We showed each other our scars and commented on who had the best placement.

After everyone had left, I thought about the night. We had teachers, marketing developers, preachers and project managers sitting around the room sharing what they were going through and discussing the technology behind our devices. We were comparing doctor experiences and the different shapes of the device demo models we had on display.

It seems like we were all from different paths, from different backgrounds and even heading in different directions. Some of us have been dealing with ICD and heart disease for years; some of us are new to all this and still trying to learn the right terms. But we are going through it together, learning about amazing technology and leaning on each other during the tough times and having fun on the way. It is the wires in our hearts that brought us together and bind us together.

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~guin said...

Yes, Julia; I so agree with your synopsis of the September meeting. I always hug each of our members as we greet each month, and when I came to our newest member who I did not know or had not even heard of - I paused for a minute as I hugged him too and said "welcome - heart to heart". Because that is how I feel. I feel we are all here and are bound my hearts. It is so interesting to get to know each person, their back grounds, what they are doing with their lives and how they are handling all this new ICD stuff. Or how our newest member went for 8 years all alone - no one there to help him validate his feels as we all can.

I love our time together.